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Space Time Hourglass Necklace with Meteorite Dust

Space Time Hourglass Necklace with Meteorite Dust

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Spread the wonders of the universe with our Space Time Hourglass Necklace! This unique accessory combines celestial stardust with a sleek, elegant hourglass design. With real meteorite dust inside, this necklace is literally out of this world!

Unlike any hourglass you’ve ever seen before, we guarantee that its contents won’t fall like sand. That’s because authentic Campo del Cielo meteorite is magnetic and falls far more slowly when jostled - only when you wear it! Perfect gift for stargazers and science nerds alike - your siblings, moms, teachers, bridesmaids, astronomy fans and nature lovers will be in awe of your stellar fashion sense. Bestow our Space Time Hourglass Necklaces to show how much you appreciate someone special. Is there anything cooler than carrying a bit of the universe around your neck?

Don’t miss out on this once-in-a-galaxy opportunity. Get your Space Time Hourglass Necklace today before it has no gravity left!

Size & Materials

Pendant size: 1 1/4" (32mm)
Chain length: 18" (46cm)
Materials: Glass, rhodium plated brass, genuine meteorite

Please note - this is genuine authentic meteorite. Each set of dust is different and may vary in dust size and color. Meteorite does contain nickel and iron, though it is not in an area that comes in contact easily with your skin. But if you have sensitivities to these metals, please be aware that the authentic meteorite does contain these elements. While this hourglass is functional in a sense, the meteorite within the necklace also does not fall like sand. As meteorite is magnetic, it slightly sticks together and falls far more slowly and only when gently jostled with normal wear.  Comes with authenticity information, an example of which is shown in the last image.


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Care Instructions

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