Everything on our planet is interconnected. Our duty as human beings is to preserve this connection by protecting sustainability of all things, by helping those who in need, and embracing our Power to Bring Happiness. The simple idea that a piece of jewelry can spark conversations and serve as a reminder, is why we are here.

As an independently owned business, we have the freedom to support causes we believe in and to impact the world in a positive way. Giving back is important to us and we want to share that passion with you. Through our donation program, we are building a better business by connecting customers with nonprofit organizations across the globe.

We’re proud to donate with every purchase you make! We are open to new partnerships and contributions to non-profit organizations. Share your ideas and suggestions with us to make a global impact together!

Our Jewelry

We specialize in ethnic and boho jewelry because we feel it demonstrates beautiful principles. Thoughtful design, incredible craftsmanship, fine materials and historical significance. We honor the skill, dedication, and creativity of jewelry artisans lost to history.  
Ultimately, we believe that jewelry is a way to use metal and minerals to create a tangible symbol of your uniqueness. We believe that a piece of jewelry, whether for yourself or for someone you love, should be beautifully made and deeply treasured. Narrative behind each individual collection brings a personal sense of meaning to every wearer, making our enchanting for everyone.

At Gemzel you can choose your own piece of jewelry to tell the story of what inspires you, what makes you tick, what makes you YOU!

Our Team

We partner with only the best jewelers to bring you the highest quality pieces. Made with fine design and craftsmanship, we round out only the best pieces from our manufacturers to include in our collection.
Alone you go faster, together you go further. If we’ve learnt anything, that is it. You need many different talents to build a company. Especially in places where entrepreneurship isn’t necessarily logical. What connects us, are our values.