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Round Wrap Ring with Authentic Raw Meteorite

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Bring the cosmic wonder of outer space a little closer to home with this one-of-a-kind Round Wrap Ring with Authentic Raw Meteorite from EarthBound Stellar. This unique piece of jewelry is the perfect gift for anyone whose heart is in the stars.

Featuring an actual fragment of meteorite encased in a round bezel, it's not just beautiful but also intergalactically meaningful! The wrap band is adjustable and modernly thin, finished off with a single silver bead at the end that highlights the extraordinary stones used: pieces as old as 5 billion years! Imagine what stories they could tell if only they could talk!

For those star-gazers who feel a deep connection to the night sky and everything beyond, this physical reminder may just inspire even further exploration. Get your hands on one today and give your inner scientist or spacewalker something to look forward to wearing every day!

Size & Materials

Meteorite bezel size: 3/8" (8mm)
Ring size: Adjustable
Materials: Plated brass, raw meteorite

Please note - this is genuine authentic meteorite. Each stone is different and will vary in shape and style. Meteorite does contain nickel and iron, though it is not in an area that comes in contact easily with your skin. But if you have sensitivities to these metals, please be aware that the authentic meteorite does contain these elements. Comes with authenticity information, an example of which is shown in the last image. 


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Care Instructions

Our jewelry was made with love and we hope you treat yours the same way. Gemzel products should be the last thing you put on and the first thing you take off! To keep your pieces looking pretty follow these instructions.

Apply beauty products such as perfume, lotions, oils, hairspray, etc. before putting on your jewelry.

Remove jewelry when bathing, washing dishes, swimming, washing hands, doing household chores, etc. Water can rust the finish and harsh chemical cleaners can be damaging.

Protect jewelry from extreme temperatures, sunlight, chlorine &  salt water as this will dull the appearance.

We recommend removing your jewelry before physical activity and before going to bed.

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