Bohemian Jewelry: Trends and Features

Nowadays boho style is on the top of fashion trends. Dresses and skirts with intricate embroidered patterns, linen, lace, fringe decor and lots of beads are considered boho. Boho-style jewelry is not just a decoration that complements the look but is the main element. “Time to put on stones” is the motto of boho style lovers.

Fashion History

The history of the boho style starts in the 15th century and is associated with traveling artists who passed through Bohemia (Czech Republic) and entertained residents with songs and dances. Gypsies, artists, musicians, poets — free people, not burdened with everyday life, living independently and not relying on finances — these are the progenitors of the boho style.

The nomadic lifestyle was reflected in the clothes: one person could have expensive things combined with scraps found on the street.

By the end of the 18th century, the word "bohemian" was associated with French students who reflected their thoughts through clothes and jewelry. They challenged society with their behavior, moral principles and a unique style similar to Bohemian-Gypsy.

19th century. Long loose hair, straw hats with wide brims, bright fabrics, vintage coats and shoes — these details have shaped the image of a man who ignores the conventions of society and puts art and creativity on the pedestal of life.

To sum up: the aesthetic style of boho is based on medieval and national elements of clothing, ethnic design and old techniques of creating unique things.

Complex Combination

The combination of different types of fabrics, decorative elements, ethnic symbols – all this makes up a look in boho style. Bohemian jewelry is characterized by a large size, big details, a combination of different elements and materials. All these characteristics together create a unique style.

  • Multilayer. This is the main factor. The use of chains or beads of different thicknesses and lengths in combination with pendants at the same time will always be relevant. Famous designers have created composite necklaces and rings that are very popular.

  • Natural materials. This is the basic requirement for the boho style. In this regard, jewelry is created from natural stones that preserve interaction with nature. Crystal, amber and malachite win against precious stones. The stones in the jewelry are mostly voluminous, and the elements stand out due to color and size. A necklace, rings or earrings are always something original and stylish, reflecting the inner world and giving a sense of freedom.
  • Fringe. The usual brushes and fringes from bags and scythes have migrated to jewelry. Long earrings with pendants, chains, complex patterns or weaving are perfectly worn with a summer dress, a long skirt, holey jeans.


  • An aged look. Not all jewelry is combined with worn things, carriers of history. Therefore, there are products in the fashion made of bronze or blackened silver. Such coatings give a special gloss to the products and look like an inheritance from beloved ancestors.
  • Stylish accents. Without this element, accomplished look is impossible. Composite leather elements combined with various inserts give the look completeness and exclusivity.

Varieties of Style

As a result, more than one trend intertwined in the boho style. Boho jewelry is multifaceted: it uses the basic philosophy of style – to combine the incongruous, mix the immiscible and not look ludicrous.

Ethnic Boho

This is the most accentuated and eye-catching subspecies of the style. The outfits copy the national costumes of the people in the world or borrow their basic elements to create the spirit of one culture.

Natural fabrics of special colors and textures are used for ethnic accents in the looks.

Fabric embroidered with folk ornaments, headbands, wreaths and appliques are the main elements of the style.

Jewelry gives folklore an enhancement.

Vintage Boho

The main idea is the revival of the fashion of the past years.

Principle: we get all the newest and most unusual things from the far, dusty corners of the wardrobe.

The outfits look like a grandmother's dowry. Ladies who prefer clothes with a bias in the antiquity and glamour of the past centuries complement the look with gloves, hats with veils and fans.

Handmade aged boho-style jewelry with large darkened stones or cracked enamel will perfectly complement the boho look.

Hippie Boho

Hippie boho stands out for its brightness and multicolour. The look is overflowing with knitted, colorful details with an abundance of fringe. Clothing is mainly made of burlap, sheepskin, fur and feathers. This is the only kind of style in which jeans are organically involved.

Multi-layered boho jewelry on the neck made with beads complement the look. These are baubles, chokers, headbands.

Sets of bohemian earrings

Grunge Boho

Grunge is a specific protest against luxury, outright audacity in style.

The distinctive features of the subspecies are convenience, bagginess, layering, carelessness. Holes and patches on stretched T-shirts, worn and torn jeans, baggy parkas, elongated sweaters and faded sneakers.

Although there are not many accessories associated with this style, but they stand out for their massiveness.

Boho Chic

This subspecies of the style used at fashion shows and even in wedding stylistics.

Multi-layered outfits made of light flowing fabrics.

Flying dresses, fluffy tulle skirts combined with bright accent ornaments. Long earrings and compound rings are an addition to any boho chic outfit.

Boho Glamour

This is the most gentle and romantic subspecies of style. Pink-pastel shades of dresses made of light fabrics.

The looks are created with the help of rings with small crystals of pale shades, multilayered narrow bracelets, tulle bows. There are wreaths of twigs and leaves or hairpins with flowers on the head.

Set of Natural Seashell Pendant Necklaces

Boho style and all its subspecies meet the tastes and needs of each of us. You just need to find your own to create a unique and inimitable image.

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